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This website is built by using WordPress and Elementor. It uses a theme which is nice, simple and most importantly very SEO-friendly. And the best part: you can download and use this theme, too — for free.

a simple seo-friendly and cro friendly theme
a simple SEO- and CRO-friendly theme
Why this theme?

This theme performs! But how good it is?

This theme’s primary objective is to boost the performance of your Elementor website. It focuses on three key-aspects: SEO, usability and conversions.

Question: How did you find this website?

From a search engine, correct?

That would be the first answer to “how good it is from SEO-perspective.”

If that’s not enough proof for you, you can still run Google’s official PageSpeed test tool, here. Actually, I’ve done that for you already:

google thinks about seoforlementor dot com
PageSpeed Insights says: this theme is doing well!

This SEO performance is achieved by embracing three things:

  • simplicity. no unnecessary design-tricks. everything you need, nothing you don’t
  • clean-code. Building an Elementor-website can be confusing and thus the code can become messy. This theme is built from scratch with clean-code in mind.
  • compatibility with technical SEO plugins. to max out technical SEO-performance I recommend using three WordPress plugins: WPRocket, WebP Converter for Media and iThemes Security. This theme works well together with all three.

Besides SEO, I’ve considered usability and CRO (conversion rate optimization) aspects, too.

In the last 10 years, I’ve analyzed the data of tons of websites and found some best practices that work on most WordPress blogs/websites. Layouts, font-sizes, colors, header positions, etc. I’ve built all that experience into this theme.

My original design have been reviewed by a professional designer and web developer, too.

If you want a great usability, conversion rate and SEO performance for your Elementor/Wordpress site, too (and you prefer a nice and simple layout), just download this SEO-friendly theme for free.

Easy setup

Imagine setting up the website of your new project in less than 1 hour!

When I start a new project, I need a website and I need it fast.

So I always use this theme kit. I know that it will perform well. I know it’s nice. (I mean design is subjective, of course.) And I know that the setup process will be fast!

It’s a huge relief. Now, whenever, I have a new idea, I just quickly get a domain name, install this theme kit in less than 1 hour… And from that point on, I can focus on building the actual product — and not the website for it.

Want the same? Just get this theme kit for free:


Max out technical SEO on your Elementor Website:


Check out the Demo Website!

I’ve created a demo website, so you can see what you’ll get exactly when you download and install this SEO-friendly theme for your Elementor-based website.

demo website
Check out the DEMO website...
About Elementor

What Elementor is?​

If you are here, I’m pretty sure that you know what Elementor is.

But if you don’t: it’s the #1 website builder for WordPress. Its key-feature is the user-friendly live drag & drop editor that lets you build almost any webdesign without coding.

Elementor also provides hosting services. It might sound unimportant for first — but since it’s optimized for performance and reliability, it can also be a game changer in your technical-SEO.

Their WEBSITE BUILDER + HOSTING offer for $99/year is excellent value for money.

More info here:

(affiliate link)

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